Suicide Prevention

Description of Course

This is a short 2 day workshop to teach key community members how to use a “first aid approach” to suicide prevention. Participants are taught a particular model of engagement that was developed in Australia and has now been adapted for Namibian communities. The first part of the workshop explores personal attitudes to suicide and debunks some of the myths around suicide. It helps participants understand how people reach the point of considering suicide and in the first phase of the model, learn to explore the clues they often give when they are considering suicide, and how to assess someone for risk. They learn how to contract a safety plan, how to get immediate help and how to refer them for further counselling. It is a community approach and encourages the mapping of community resources.


Topics Covered

    • Session 1: Attitudes and Beliefs about Suicide
    • Session 2: Using Language that is free of Bias
    • Session 3: What does someone consider Suicide?
    • Session 4: The First Aid Intervention Model
      • Connect
      • Understand and Assess
      • Assist
    • Session 5: Role Plays
    • Session 6: Assisting a Family who experiences Suicide
    • Session 7: Understanding Death and Grieving
    • Session 8: Drawing up a Suicide Prevention Contract
    • Session 9: A Community Approach to preventing Suicide
    • Session 10: Analysis of Informal and Formal Resources in a Community

Suicide Prevention


16 hours


    • Pre- and Post Test
    • Skills Assessment
    • Course Evaluation Form