Gender and Gender Based Violence

Gender Workshops

All of the following workshops are run individually, but also sometimes in combination, depending on the needs of particular groups. All workshops are designed to be run for 3 ½ days, regardless of their design and combination.


Workshop 1: Engaging Men and Boys in Gender Transformation

This is an educational workshop for men to enable them to question non-equitable views around masculinity and develop more positive attitudes to prevent unhealthy behaviors that put them and their partners and families at risk. It can also be used to train facilitators who will implement workshop activities with groups of men. The activities are intended for use with men of all ages, although some adaptations might have to be made depending on the ages of the men and the country and community context. These activities can also be adapted for use with groups of men and women.


Workshop 2: Engaging Men at the Community Level

This is a manual to help participants develop activities at a community level to create a supportive environment for work related to male engagement and HIV and AIDS. In addition, the manual focuses on mobilizing community members to engage men against HIV. The activities are intended for use with program staff from different organizations interested in working on male engagement and HIV. All of the activities in the manual can be used with groups of men and women.


Workshop 3: Service Delivery for Men

This is a training manual for service providers working with men. The sessions in the manual teach participants to challenge the bias against engaging men in reproductive health and HIV services at the facility level. The sessions also identify ways to improve the quality of services for male clients and explore ways to market services to men. The activities are intended for use with all service providers, although some adjustments might be required, depending on the country and community context.


Digital stories

In the digital stories on this Male Engagement Initiative DVD, activists tell stories related to various forms of injustice and pain, as well as their transformation into gender activists. These storytellers want to share their stories with others in an effort to bring about change. As a final product, the Male Engagement Initiative produced this DVD and facilitators’ guide to help workshop facilitators use the stories in educational and empowerment settings.

These stories cover core issues that Lifeline/Childline and EngenderHealth aim to address in efforts to transform Namibian society. Specifically, the Male Engagement Initiative works to reduce gender-based violence and the spread and impact of HIV/AIDS. The Initiative works with both PEPFAR and non-PEPFAR related organizations and partners to train them on how to more effectively engage men. In addition, they provide ongoing technical assistance that enables these organizations to build on their existing programmes to further challenge traditional norms of masculinity and assist men in recognizing their role in addressing HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence. The stories challenge myths and stereotypes about how men can act and live, showing that men can be transformed to build a more just, gender equitable and healthy society.


Gender Workshops (3)


30 hours each


    • Pre- and Post Test of Attitudes and Behaviour change
    • Course Evaluation Form