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  • We tackle the difficult stuff
  • Tailor made courses
    Personal Growth
    Basic Counselling Skills
    Facilitation Skills
    Suicide Prevention
    Positive Parenting
    Work-Life Balance
    Trauma Debriefing
    Safer Communities
    Gender and Gender Based Violence
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Our training changes people’s lives
People want to be better people... and better workers

Who we are

LifeLine/ChildLine’s business wing, known as ChangeAgent, was established in 2011. ChangeAgent delivers professional training and counselling services to the Namibian private and public sectors as well as to other national and international non-governmental organisations. The training portfolio covers emotional wellness and related topics for individuals and the workplace.

LifeLine/ChildLine Namibia has been in existence for 37 years and is a registered Welfare Organisation [W150] and NGO whose purpose is ‘safer, healthier, more resilient children, families and communities in Namibia’. LifeLine/ChildLine Namibia works in communities to change harmful social, family and gender norms in order to improve health and resilience and to reduce conflict, violence and abuse and provides counselling and other services to those who have experienced harm.

Corporate Social Responsibility

When choosing our training, you will receive a professional service but at the same time you will reach your corporate social responsibility goals. LifeLine/ChildLine Namibia is looking to become increasingly self-sustainable through the development of ChangeAgent, the Business Wing, where income generated through training can cross-subsidise our community programmes and counselling services.


Find out more about our tailor made Courses

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As an organisation we benefitted by having more educated employees with skills they could implement at home and at work. The training materials distributed were excellent with hands-on practical exercises.

Elsabé Grötzinger - Wellness Manager - DebMarine Namibia

Some of the areas that the training touched on that I felt had tremendous effect on people were aspects of positive psychology, developing emotional intelligence, the impact of change in organisations, understanding group and team dynamics, conflict resolution skills, and reflections on developing a positive organisational culture.

Dorkas Kapembe-Haiduwa - Secretary General - Namibian Red Cross Society

Some of our Clients

    • FNB
    • Namibia Government
    • Nampower
    • Namibia Red Cross
    • MTC
    • Gondwana
    • UNAM
    • CoW
    • BoN
    • giz
    • mva
    • namfisa
    • nampol
    • peacecorp